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Children photoshoot in Leiderdorp, Leiden, and in the area.

When these two cute girls and their mom came to my studio, the room filled up with joy. Children photoshoot is definitely one of the sessions I like to photograph the most. Especially if you can take all the princess dresses out of the closet and let them have fun dressing up.

They loved to go through the dresses and crowns, try them on, and shine in front of the camera. As a children photographer in Leiderdorp, Leiden I know what works the best to catch the attention of small babies as well as how to make it fun for the older kids. Every child is different and likes something else. Sometimes you need some time to get the attention and start the fun. I am a very patient person and I always take enough time for the photoshoot.

Full-service photoshoot in Leiden. Your children can use some of my dresses and accessories. We will discuss beforehand what are your wishes and what are the possibilities for your photoshoot.


When photographing children I like to work fast. Everything is well prepared so the photoshoot goes smoothly. Most of the children do not have long attention to the camera, so the children photoshoots usually take max up to 1 hour.

My home photo studio offers a big choice of backgrounds, dresses, and accessories. For example, light and airy children photos – dark and moody children portraits – outdoor children photos – playful and colorful children photoshoots. I love to create new settings, so if you do not see the style you like in my portfolio. Then you can contact me and we can have a look at what is possible. Do you have any questions regarding a photoshoot of your children? I am here for you.


Cake Smash Inspiration Ideas

If you have your little one celebrating the first birthday soon, you might think of booking a cake smash photoshoot. As a cake smash photographer in Leiden and as a mother of two boys I know preparing a first birthday photo shoot might be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. That is the reason I have put some ideas together for you to get inspired for your own cake smash photoshoot for your baby in 2022. Cake Smash Inspiration Ideas is here for you to make your theme searching easier.

Cake Smash Inspiration Ideas

Cake Smash Inspiration: PINK

Cake Smash Inspiration: BLUE

Cake Smash Inspiration: ANIMALS

Cake Smash Inspiration: SPACE

Cake Smash Inspiration: OTHER

Alena Masselink is a cake smash photographer in Leiderdorp. Leiden is always ready to listen to your wishes. You can contact her to discuss your theme wishes or to ask for advice to make the perfect setup for your baby’s first cake smash photoshoot.

When you decide to book a cake smash session, then you can choose from 3 different packages. You can check them out here.

All decorations for your cake smash photoshoot are included in the prices of the photoshoot. All the packages are all-inclusive, you just tell your wishes for the cake smash decorations and props. Afterward, you do not need to do anything else. The cake smash photographer will create the setup and will discuss the cake details with the local baker.

Alena Masselink photo studio also has a small collection of cake smash outfits. Please contact Alena for the possible outfits for your cake smash shoot.

What were the 3 most popular cake smash themes in 2021?

  • Cocomelon cake smash
  • Space theme cake smash
  • Jungle cake smash

As a cake smash photographer, I follow the cake smash trends and love to create new things. Each cake smash theme/ setup is unique and custom-made for you. One of my favorite moments is to see the happy faces of my clients when they see their cake smash set up for the first time. It is so precious!

Baby’s first birthday photoshoot in Leiden

Congratulations! Your baby is turning one! What are you gonna do to remember this special first birthday? You can make an amazing party, or you can remember this special day with a photoshoot. What about doing your baby’s first birthday photoshoot in Leiden? There are many themes of the first birthday photoshoot I have done over the years. The “Baby Baker” was the theme of this first birthday photoshoot.

I am a baby photographer with a home photostudio in Leiderdorp, Leiden. Every baby is unique and deserves unique photos of his or her first birthday. You can book an amazing cake smash photoshoot smashing and splash around or we can make a beautiful first birthday photoshoot for your child without cake. I have many beautiful backgrounds that only my photo studio offers. You can check some of them here.

This baby girl celebrated her first birthday with a baby baker photoshoot thema. Super cute and simple setup with the focus on her. She loved playing around and the parents love the final photos. All photography props and an outfit is available in my photo studio in Leiderdorp.

One of my favorite things is the creative part of making the settings. There is no limit to creativity. Just let me know your wishes and I will make them come true. We can make a white setup, pastel colors, vibrant photos with flowers, balloons. Would you like to know more or discuss the possibilities? Let me know.

Baby’s first birthday photoshoot in Leiden – Baby Baker

Cake smash fotoshoot in Leiden

Is je kindje bijna jarig en wil je deze speciale moment op een unique manier vieren en vast leggen? Boek een cake smash fotoshoot met Alena Masselink. Cake smash fotoshoot in Leiden, Leiderdorp. Eerste verjaardag is zoviezo heel speciaal maar je kan die ook op een special manier vastleggen met de leuke cakesmash fotoshoot. Ik ben een cakesmash fotograaf in Leiden, Leiderdorp en ik ben hier voor jullie en jullie kindje.

Welke tema gaan jullie kiezen?

Elke cakesmash is anders. Ik heb al zo veel leuk temas gedaan – space cake smash, roze princess tema, autos, jungle cake smash, simple stup met ballonnen en veel meer. Heb je een leuke tema bedacht of heb je alleen je lieveligskleuren in gedachten? Ik kan niet wachten om jullie ideen en wensen te horen.

Ik werk in mijn fotostudio aan huis in Leiderdorp ( Leiden) en ik een hele relaxte sfeer.

Smash en Splash in Leiden

Na elke smash komt de splash. Na de smash stukje gaat jullie baby lekker badderen in een klein badje ( splash). Soms houden de babies meer van de badderen dan van de taart;) Het is altijd even afwachten wat gaat gebeuren. Een hele leuke herrineringen zijn altijd geguaranteerd.

Ik ben Alena. Een cake smasg fotograaf in Leiden, Leiderdorp en ik ben hier om een super leuke cake smash fotoshoot voor jullie te maken. Heb je vragen? Stuur me een bericht.

Cake smash fotoshoot in Leiden.

Space theme cake smash photoshoot in Leiden

Space theme was one of the most favorite cake smash themes in 2021. Planets, stars, and astronauts made the cake smash photoshoot setting magical.

This theme will make the first birthday photoshoot of your baby special. Celebrate with original cake smash photos that you can share with your family.

Below you can see some examples of the space cake smash photoshoot we did last year. I cannot wait to make new setups this year.

Would you like to book a cake smash photoshoot for your baby? You can check out my pricing and information here.