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Pink and gold cake smash in Leiden

Beautiful cake smash theme for your baby girl’s first birthday photoshoot in my home studio in Leiderdorp. Gold stars, flowers, and pink/white/peach/golden balloons. This adorable baby girl just stole my heart. She smiled at us the whole cake smash photoshoot. She really liked her cake and splashing the water in the bath afterward.

Would you like to book a cake smash photoshoot for your baby? Let me know what theme you would like and which cake design. Me and my local baker will make our best to make the most amazing cake smash setting for your baby.

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Top 8 Tips for Parents for a Successful Newborn photoshoot

Top 8 Tips for Parents for a Successful Newborn photoshoot

Top 8 Tips for Parents for a Successful Newborn photoshoot



You have just welcomed your newborn baby to your family! Even though you might be too tired to think about newborn photos, the newborn photoshoot is one of the most special photoshoots there is. 

The best time to take your newborn photos is between 5 – 14 days after the birth.  As the newborn baby is so small, you never know how your baby will react. Most likely you saw all these gorgeous sleeping newborn photos but sometimes the newborn babies just do not sleep.

That’s why I decided to share the top 8 tips for parents for a successful newborn photoshoot, created by me as an experienced newborn photographer.

I have been photographing newborn babies since 2017. My newborn photos are usually in white and brown shades of fur and wraps. I like to keep the newborn photos simple with the focus on the newborn baby.


As much as I love simple newborn photography I am also passionate about creative newborn photos. Capturing newborn babies in sunflowers, cuddling with the bears or with butterflies wings. Creativity has no limit.

You can trust me holding your newborn baby and by following my 8 tips your newborn session will go smoothly.

Have you already scheduled your newborn session? Do you have a list of things to prepare?


1. When is the best time to plan your newborn photo shoot?

Some photographers recommend booking your date as soon as possible to be sure they are still available to plan your photoshoot. I am usually flexible, nowadays many people wait till the last minute to schedule their newborn photoshoot. Some people do not even want to book their newborn session before their baby is born, and that is totally ok. You can always contact the photographer to ask about his/her availability and decide accordingly.

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is between 5- 14 days. The older the newborn baby the more difficult it is “to pose”the newborn into certain poses. 


2. Temperature.

As the newborn baby might be posed naked. When wrapping the baby hee/she is also from time to time naked, the temperature has to be a bit higher. I recommend a temperature in the room around 24 degrees Celsius.  You should also think about your own clothes. As the room will be warmer than usual, and the hormones after the birth are over the place you might feel very warm yourself. It is better to wear more layers, so you can take some layers off when you feel too warm.


3. Feeding.

Breastfeeding. Bootle feeding. Feeding on-demand or scheduled. The most important it is to think about bringing extra feeding to the session. Newborn babies drinks sometimes more during the newborn session than normal.

The best is to feed your newborn baby right before the newborn session. In that way, your newborn baby will have a full belly and will more likely sleep. If it doesn’t work to feed your newborn before the session, we can start the newborn session with the feeding.


4. Style. Props. Clothes for your baby.

My home photography studio offers a variety of newborn wraps, cute newborn hats, and other newborn props. All props are cleaned and washed in neutral washing middle after every newborn session. Washing middle with no perfumes is important as newborn baby skin is very sensitive and can react to the chemicals.

Before the newborn photoshoot, you should look through the newborn photographer portfolio and send a selection of the photos that you like. It is important the photographer knows the style of newborn photos you would like. The newborn photos can be in light style only, or with dark browns or creative. Of course, you can also decide to have a combination of all of them.

Clothes for your newborn baby. If you have any cute outfits at home you would like to include in your newborn photos, please do not forget to bring them with you. If not, you do not need to bring anything with you.


5. Family photos.

To me, family photos are very precious. You just became brand new parents and you should capture this moment together. Of course, you will be tired and not everybody feels like being in the pictures. 

There is always a way how to capture your family photo even if you do not fully appear in the photo. Newborn baby in the parent’s hands, or a family silhouette for example.

If you are ready for your family photos with your newborn baby, please think about the colors of the clothes.


White, beige, gray, or black always work well. You can choose any colors you have at home, but please try to look for matching colors. It can be shades of one color or colors that go well together.  For colors inspiration, you can check out a color wheel.


6. What should you bring with you to the newborn session.

  • diapers
  • extra feeding
  • pacifier
  • extra clothes for yourself ( in case you get dirty)
  • wipes
  • food, especially for the new mom
  • entertainment ( important if the siblings join the newborn session)
  • bibs
  • clothes for the photo shoot ( for parents and siblings)
  • any special props or clothes for the baby you would like in the photos

7. How long does the newborn session take?

The newborn session takes between 1 – 2 hours. There is enough time to cuddle your baby and for feeding as needed.

8. Sit back and enjoy.

Now you are all ready, you can just sit and relax. Your newborn baby is in good hands and you can just enjoy the whole newborn photoshoot.



Free newborn gids alena masselink

Get FREE Newborn Gids.

Get you Free Newborn photoshoot Gids from Alena Masselink photography. You can find there all useful information regarding the newborn photoshoot, tips, pricing and more.

Maternity photographer in Leiden

Maternity photographer in Leiden.

As a maternity photographer, I love capturing beautiful bumps. Maternity pictures will be a great memory of this special period of your pregnancy. 

Maternity photography is focused on the mom-to-be. Siblings and partners are always welcome to join the session. Even if the pregnancy was not so easy, the maternity photoshoot will make you feel beautiful and glow. 

It will be you and your belly moment.

My home photography studio has all the props and dresses for your maternity photo shoot. To make your maternity photoshoot perfect,  you can also have your make up and hairstyling done for additional costs. You can always contact me for possibilities.

You can choose for just a maternity photoshoot or you can also book a combination package that includes both maternity and newborn photos. 

You can check out my packages and more information here.

Model portfolio photoshoot.

Model portfolio photoshoot.

As you know I am a portrait photographer. As much as I love baby photography I love adult women photography or teenage girls photography. I love to capture the beauty of a woman, their power, and fragility. It is always an honor for a photographer to work with models.

This photoshoot was amazing and I loved it so much to work with this woman. She is so natural in front of the camera and it was so much fun to work with her.

Makeup: @shosti.bedrijf